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Junice Savares

Director of Brand Development at Endeavour Network

Junice is the Director of Brand Development at Endeavour Network. Her work is focused on delivering exceptional multimedia & marketing components, managing digital platforms, and conducting technological systems to achieve the best client experience in wealth management.


's Quote

"Your brain is designed to keep you safe. Your soul, your intuition, and your human spirit is designed to make you soar."

- Lisa Nichols

Junice is an emerging innovator and storyteller in our evolving digital world. She brings in skills and ideas from her diverse upbringing around the world including Saudi Arabia, Philippines, India, Canada, and the USA.

In 2016, Junice attained a Bachelor of Science in Digital Media Production at the University of Central Missouri. She was recognized as Best Co-Director and Editor at the 48-Hour Film Festival in Missouri by film producers including Grant Curtis. She moved to Chicago as an Event Technology Specialist to conduct more complex technical systems and live broadcasts to give corporate and non-profit events the best client experience in person and virtually.

After mastering production, Junice moved to Canada to expand her skills in the world of web development and pursued her diploma at the University of Winnipeg PACE in 2018.

Junice started working for a digital marketing agency as a web developer and multimedia specialist where she was able to hone her skills in web development and design in various industries including legal, health care, retail, technology, and wealth management. As the pandemic hit, Junice introduced and managed live streams to help clients connect to the world. One of her greatest achievements is directing and producing a national live stream event raising more than $150,000.

After almost three years in the agency business, Junice now wants to utilize her technical and creative skills on quality marketing strategies to grow businesses with impactful missions for the people and the world. Here in Endeavour Wealth Management is where she found that partnership.

In her free time, Junice continues to work with clients around the world offering branding, web development, and video production services. She holds meetings with fellow innovators and entrepreneurs to share ideas and expand partnerships as we move into the metaverse era, and hopefully introduce this within the Wealth Management world.

Outside of work, Junice is passionate about being an extended hand and voice to immigrants and helping them achieve the life they deserve. She is also a proud mental health and LGBTQ advocate.