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Tax Reduction Strategies:

There are various strategies that could be used to either reduce, eliminate, or defer taxes that you pay. Most strategies will make use of multiple...

June 27, 2022


Make Your Health Expenses Deductible to your Business

As a business owner, you take on risks and leave behind the security of things like health benefit plans when you decide to go off and start your ....

June 20, 2022


How do you know if you picked a losing investment?

In the past, we’ve written various blogs on how to get better investment returns. I thought I should take a different approach with this week’s....

June 14, 2022


3 Lessons to Learn from Warren Buffett’s Recent $50 billion Spending Spree

Warren is considered the greatest investor of all time, turning $100 into a personal fortune of $111.8 billion during his lifetime, although buying an

June 6, 2022


Don’t Measure Your Worth in Terms of Money

Of all the various things that keep us up at night, there is one that is particularly troublesome: MONEY.

May 30, 2022


How to survive a bear market?

Over the last year, I have referred to these markets many times as being predatory. They lure even the most experienced investor into feeling a...

May 24, 2022


Increasing the value of your dental business

Increasing the value of a business is a primary focus for nearly every business owner. It doesn’t matter if you’re a retail store, manufacturing...

May 19, 2022


Strategies for Managing Passive Income and the Small Business Deduction

For many incorporated professionals, their private corporations play a key role in saving for their family and their future retirement. In 2018, the..

May 9, 2022


Is now a good time to invest?

When people ask the question “is now a good time to invest?”, they’re generally looking for some definitive answer of “yes – markets are likely to...

May 5, 2022