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Why do companies with a ‘Network Effect’ make for a good investment?

The network effect can be described as a phenomenon whereby a product or service gains additional value as more people use it. Ever since the ...

August 15, 2022


Do you want to set your child up for Financial Success?

One of the most important aspects of your child’s financial success is the quality of education they receive. In order to ensure that you have enou...

August 8, 2022


How to ensure you’re protecting your legacy for generations to come.

Open and honest communication with both your Investment Advisor as well as with your loved ones can help negate the potential conflict and lost fin...

August 2, 2022


Want to make better financial decisions? Here is a framework that could help.

Building mental models that guide how you make decisions is a great way to set boundaries that keep you on track for your long-term financial goal....

July 25, 2022


Do you find personal finance confusing?

If you find that the world of personal finance, investing and money in general is confusing then you are far from alone. In fact, according to a po...

July 18, 2022


How might bad news for the economy be good news for the stock market?

In the past few weeks, you have probably heard or read a lot about a possible recession, or further potential declines in the stock market. Yet, we...

July 11, 2022


Can Canadian Businesses Lead the World?

4 years ago, back in April 2018, I was visiting family in Adelaide Australia. I was there for my cousin’s wedding. I remember it being enjoyably ho...

July 4, 2022


Tax Reduction Strategies:

There are various strategies that could be used to either reduce, eliminate, or defer taxes that you pay. Most strategies will make use of multiple...

June 27, 2022


Make Your Health Expenses Deductible to your Business

As a business owner, you take on risks and leave behind the security of things like health benefit plans when you decide to go off and start your ....

June 20, 2022