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Jai Gandhi

Investment Advisor, iA Private Wealth

Investment Advisor, Endeavour Wealth Management

Jai is an Investment Advisor at the award winning team as recognized by the Carson Group, Endeavour Wealth Management with iA Private Wealth. He crafts tailored plans that guide clients toward their goals with a focus on risk tolerance. He leverages investment portfolios to help clients achieve their dreams by navigating complex financial situations and formulating effective action plans. His mission is to provide clients with peace of mind to live their dream lives.


's Quote

“When people think of financial planning, they think of retirement planning. Although for many, retirement planning might be their number 1 goal, it’s just a piece of the whole picture.

At Endeavour Wealth Management, we understand our clients and what their hierarchy of goals are, and we do their financial planning to best meet their goals. These goals could be short-term or long-term, or both. Understanding each goal with a reasonable timeline helps Endeavour Wealth Management create the best plan for the client moving forward.”

Jai attended the Asper School of Business at the University of Manitoba to attain his Bachelor of Commerce (Hons.) degree in Finance and Marketing. Before starting his education at Asper, Jai lived with his family in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. He moved to Winnipeg in 2015 to pursue his undergraduate degree.

Jai also loves playing basketball in his spare time. He’s been playing basketball since his middle school in Dubai. He also follows the NBA closely and supports the Golden State Warriors, more specifically the community like feeling that the Warriors support and promote.