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Estate & Trust Planning

What happens to your assets beyond your life? What will be your legacy to your family and community? We’re here to get you started in planning for your legacy.

Estate & Trust planning in Winnipeg

Estate Planning

Estate planning is about your wishes for your loved ones and those you care about most. Ensuring your wealth goes where you intend it to is part of a holistic financial plan. Whether it’s your family or a favoured organization, charity or not-for-profit, Endeavour is here to help you fulfill your wishes. We strive to give you peace of mind by helping you build a highly personalized estate plan.

To maximize your potential wealth transfer, we focus on minimizing taxes and other potential costs. With the guidance of experienced professionals, we work to assess the following:

  • Do your current estate documents reflect your wishes? How can we ensure your wishes continue as your life changes?
  • How can we best protect your assets from creditors?
  • How do you wish to transfer your assets? Is it important they remain in your family?
  • Do you require assistance in putting together a medical directive and/or power of attorney?
  • Do you wish to leave a financial donation to a charity, and what can we do today to maximize your future donation?
  • Are your loved ones prepared for the administrative burden of serving as an executor or does it make sense to use a professional trustee?

Preparing for Retirement and Beyond

The last five years of your career are critical planning years as they often solidify the foundation for your retirement plans. Along with being your peak saving years, it is also the time where you will gain the most understanding about what your lifestyle will look like beyond your career and where you will find purpose outside of your work.

What is most important in this stage of life is having an understanding of how you would like to live going forward and then ensuring that you are on track to achieve that lifestyle.

Will you be okay in retirement?

Legacy: Have you considered what your legacy will be with your family or the community?

Planning for your legacy is about so much more than just the money and assets you will leave behind. It is about what and who is important to you. It’s your personal value and carrying on your entire belief system for generations to come.

Your estate plan should consider your family but also reflect whether or not it’s important for you to leave a lasting impression long into the future.

Where will your income come from in Retirement?

Do you have a pension plan? Are you selling your business? Will you rely on your investment portfolio for your income? No matter where you are planning on drawing your income from, there are choices to be made which can help you to protect your retirement while also minimizing your tax liabilities.

Our advisors are skilled at helping our clients to limit their liabilities and ensure they are able to live the lifestyle they want to with less concern over variables like market volatility.

Will you downsize your home?

Where do you plan to live in retirement? Will you remain in your current home as long as you can? If your health deteriorates, would you like to have in home care? Would you consider downsizing and even renting going forward?

It is always your choice but depending on what you like to do, it could have implications for your planning down the road.

When should I start taking CPP and OAS?

The financial services industry is famous for making general rules but the question of when to start taking your government benefits is completely individual and should be treated as such.

Taking CPP early may mean that you are not maximizing your benefit. Delaying your OAS if you are still working at age 65 may help you to get thousands of dollars more out of the program. Having a well advised financial plan can help you to make an informed decision.

Risk Management

As you get close to retirement it is a good time to ensure that your estate plan is in line with your financial plan and our advisors are here to ensure that your wishes are being taken care of no matter what the future holds. This includes beneficiary reviews, creating a will or a trust, regular reviews and more.

As they say, “the devil is in the details” and we will ensure that there are no items left overlooked which could create significant risks to your plans.

Power of Attorney

In some cases, more important than having a will is having a power of attorney. If you are incapacitated, who do you want to make your financial decisions for you? How about your medical decisions?

Succession Planning for your family cottage

What will happen to your family cottage? Will your kids want to take it over? Will your kids be able to maintain it financially? Will all of your kids become owners? What happens if they disagree? Is your estate able to pay the tax liabilities on the property at your death?

Protecting Your Family*

Are you part of a blended family? Is this a second marriage? Does your estate plan reflect your wishes for all your family members?


Does your estate plan and health care directive include the possibility of dementia? What other health care needs could come up in the future?

Maximizing your Retirement

For decades now, you have focused on building your assets. Now it is time to enjoy them! This can be a difficult prospect; the systematic de-construction of your assets can be uncomfortable especially without a plan.

Planning for your future must include living for today. This may involve as light re-wiring of your financial brain, but as we have all learned, life waits for nobody. Our advisors help people to prepare for tomorrow while maximizing life for today.

Will you be okay in retirement?

We guide, you decide

Your retirement is your own. Nobody can tell you how to live and what you should do. In order to be happy you must do the things that make you happy. Your financial plans are there to support your vision for you and your family. Our advisors clarify the complex and ensure that you can focus on the things that bring you happiness.

Are your assets coordinated to maximize your retirement lifestyle and limit tax?

Our advisors are here to help you with the following:

Review your contributions

Review your contributions and ensure you are on track to achieve your goals

Design a customized portfolio

Design a customized portfolio specifically created to meet your unique goals. Our advisors are skilled at helping our clients to limit their liabilities and ensure they are able to live the lifestyle they want to with less concern over variables like market volatility.

Understand your Profile

Understand your risk profile and long term goals

Simplify Your Plans

Incorporate all of your financial accounts and assets into one concise and simplified plan

want to achieve YOUR FINANCIAL goals?