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Kally Oucharek

Administrative Assistant

Kally Oucharek is an Administrative Assistant with the award-winning team Endeavour Wealth Management. Kally focuses on creating memorable moments for clients and visitors that come to our office at Endeavour Wealth Management.


's Quote

“Life is a journey to be experienced, not a problem to be solved.” -Winnie the Pooh

Kally Oucharek, is no newcomer to the creation of a memorable client experience – in fact, she made her first venture into the client-based industry at the early age of twelve. During Kally’s childhood, she worked at a family-owned dairy bar located in the small town of Lac du Bonnet. Kally would assume the role of front-door-greeter and ice cream specialist for all visitors who stopped by.

After a move to the city of Winnipeg, at the age of eighteen Kally began her journey finding her way at the University of Manitoba.  Loving everything that comes with science, Kally pursued two years studying the ins and outs of nursing with the intent to apply in the fall of 2020. She quickly realized that the nursing career no longer made her heart tick and did not live up to the path she wanted to follow. Kally then decided to work for a year as an Educational Assistant where she could be surrounded by positive, uplifting people all while helping to teach and guide children in the path they wanted to pursue.

A refreshing deviation from a job posting by Endeavour Wealth Management, with values and practices backed by big-name celebrities Warren Buffet and Richard Branson, excited Kally as working with Endeavour Wealth Management was where she knew her career was meant to be. The experience she can provide and the memorable moments she can help create with clients is a blessing Kally looks forward to everyday.