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Kondwelani Kalinda

Associate Investment Advisor

Kondwelani is a Associate Investment Advisor with award-winning team Endeavour Wealth Management. His work is focused on projecting income, spending and saving requirements for our clients in order for their investment accounts to meet their retirement income needs.


's Quote

“It is a strong belief of mine that you do not rise to the level of your goals, but you fall to the level of your strategy. Building a well thought out plan that is backed by ideas from a competent team is how we try to maximize the financial well being of our clients.

At Endeavour Wealth Management, we consider all your financial assets such as your investments, pension, and personal property with the aim of mapping out a plan that meets your lifetime goals. Having a strategy for your wealth means financial freedom and that ultimately means living life on your terms.”

Meeting or exceeding your retirement income goals does more for your family than you realize. Your ability to contribute to your savings frequently could potentially set up multiple generations that come after you. Whatever is left in your investment accounts after your time comes could potentially provide your kids with better housing, your grandkids better education opportunities and an overall improvement in quality of life. At Endeavour Wealth Management, we understand that setting your family up financially creates a snowball effect and reaps great rewards for generations to come. One of our core philosophies is that we do not rise to the level of our goal, we fall to the level of our Strategy. We pride ourselves in having a well thought through financial plan for each of our clients in the hope that they meet their retirement income goals.

Kondwelani grew up in Zambia and came to Canada in 2015 for University. While in university, he volunteered for a number student groups including The University of Manitoba Investments Group. He graduated from the U of M in 2020 with a degree in Finance and Actuarial Mathematics.

Kondwelani considers himself a lifelong learner and is big on reading books and listening to podcasts. In his free time, Kondwelani enjoys watching his favorite soccer team Chelsea, as well as taking part in outdoor activities like basketball and biking. He is passionate about graphic design and photography.