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Jocelyn Boyd

Administrative Assistant

Jocelyn Boyd is an Administrative Assistant with the award-winning team at Endeavour Wealth Management. Jocelyn Focuses on working intimately with clients, ensuring their needs are met with efficiency and care.

Jocelyn Boyd

's Quote

"A party without a cake is really just a meeting." Julia Child

Jocelyn Boyd is the cornerstone of client services at Endeavour Wealth Management. With an insightful career transition from manufacturing to finance, her nearly decade-long experience alongside Ashmead Kahn enriches the client-focused environment. Her aptitude in customer service is grounded by her bilingual communication skills and an esteemed CPIM certification, which speak to her operational expertise and her dedication to client satisfaction.

In her role, Jocelyn is the architect of the seamless client experiences that Endeavour Wealth Management is known for. She operates with a profound understanding that exceptional service is not just about meeting needs, but anticipating them, a skill perfected through years of meticulous production control and keen attention to detail.

Beyond the office, Jocelyn's passion for cultivating growth extends to her home life, where she and her husband are known for their heartfelt hospitality and verdant garden. She approaches her hobbies and her profession with the same nurturing care, ensuring that every client interaction is as rewarding and well-tended as the gardens she loves