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Dennis Rubeniuk

Investment Advisor, iA Private Wealth

Dennis is an Investment Advisor at the award winning team Endeavour Wealth Management. He focuses on assisting clients with understanding and managing their investments, as well as planning for and transitioning into retirement.


's Quote

“Over the years, I have prided myself on educating and advising people on how to make their money work harder and more tax-efficiently for them. I have always focused on doing what makes the most sense for people and their unique circumstances, and made sure they understood the reasoning behind the advice I provided. There is a life-long need for the financial education and advice I offer, from deciding whether to start saving for retirement in an RRSP or a TFSA, to deciding what to do with a pension package or when to start receiving CPP or OAS benefits. Aside from helping clients grow the value of their investments, the most rewarding part of what I do is delivering the news that people are on track to meet their retirement goals, or can officially put in their retirement notice.”

Growing up in a rural farming community, Dennis' agricultural background and interest in the stock market led him to pursue his Bachelor of Science in Agribusiness degree at the University of Manitoba. He also completed his Canadian Securities Course as part of his university degree, and has been assisting clients with their mutual fund investments since 2006. Dennis has held his CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER® Designation since 2014, and is also certified as a Responsible Investment Specialist. Over the course of his career, he has developed extensive experience in providing advice on a variety of financial topics, and has become knowledgeable about investments from a wide range of mutual fund providers.

Dennis has a passion for educating his clients, in addition to advising them, and has had the pleasure of speaking to graduating high school students to help give them valuable real-world lessons about their money and finances. As a member of the Endeavour Wealth Management team, he can also be heard providing market updates and commentary on CJOB talk radio, as well as publishing articles for Endeavour Wealth Management's blog and newsletters.

When he’s not busy helping clients manage their investment and preparing for (or enjoying) retirement, most of his free time is spent taking care of his two young daughters and spending time with his wife. He’s also a big sports fan, and loves playing golf, hockey and football, as well as watching the CFL, NFL, and NHL. He also enjoys listening to a wide range of music, as well as playing video games or working out in his free time.