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Is Money Real?

In preparation for this week's blog, I asked my partner, 'If there was one thing you wish you knew about finance, what would it be?' To my surprise...

November 27, 2023


3 Tips to achieve financial wellbeing.

Financial wellbeing means something different to everyone, whether that be living debt free, retiring early or having the ability to get that new...

November 20, 2023


What’s the All-In-One mortgage and is it for me?

For young dentists, high cash flow combined with significant debt is a common occurrence. Because of this, making the right choices financially can...

November 13, 2023


The difference between your reality and your expectations dictates your happiness

Recently, I was listening to a podcast which featured Morgan Housel (the author of The Psychology of Money). During the interview Housel made many...

November 6, 2023


Is This Market Recovery Different

In the world of finance, the patterns of the past often echo in the present. Market recoveries, rather than being linear upward trajectories, are...

October 30, 2023


Can Money Really Grow On Trees?

We are all familiar with the saying “money doesn’t grow on trees”. As children, we have probably all been told this when we have asked for...

October 23, 2023

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What's going on with Canadian home prices? Why is a digital painting of Lindsay Lohan worth over $40,000? Movie Theatres - dead or alive? Tune into the Endeavour Exchange where we talk about the trends affecting your money.

October 5, 2021

How are Apple and Google killing the advertising cookie? Why you should rebalance your portfolio? Streaming wars are heating up overseas – who’s in the fight? What’s in Store for the Dollar Store?

October 5, 2021

Businesses are sitting on excess cash, but will it drive a recovery? Why did the IMF upgrade Canada's outlook the most out of all advanced economies? Is China on the path to overtake take the US as it relates to global GDP?

October 5, 2021

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 2020 Quarter 3

2020 Quarter 3

Learn about our recent investment picks. In our latest episode, Investment Advisor, Brandt Butt and Portfolio Manager, Craig White with Endeavour Wealth Management at iA Securities discussed some favourite picks as well as current market conditions.

 2020 Quarter 2

2020 Quarter 2

Whereas the first quarter of 2020 was devastating to global markets, the theme of the 2nd quarter has been recovery, even though the underlying economic situation has actually deteriorated in that time. Most clients will have recouped almost all of their losses on the year.

 2020 Quarter 1

2020 Quarter 1

Coming off the end of 2019 investors had just experienced a very positive year with many experiencing double digit returns. Unfortunately, COVID 19 has reared its ugly head and caused complete havoc with global markets and with the global economy.