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Grant White

Portfolio Manager & Investment Advisor, iA Private Wealth

Managing Partner, Endeavour Wealth Management

Insurance Advisor, iA Private Wealth Insurance*

Grant is an award-winning Portfolio Manager and Financial Planner with Endeavour Wealth Management. He focuses on working with Dentists in the last 5 years of their career who are looking to maximize the value of their practice and live the lifestyle they dream of.


's Quote

“As a team we focus on creating what we like to call Smart Money for our clients. Smart Money is created when our clients can make educated decisions about their future and their investments are focused on achieving their individual goals. Most importantly, Smart Money considers the individuals own personality and behavior as it relates to money and adapts to fit them.”

Grant considers himself to be a compassionate and innovative leader in the wealth management industry. In particular, he loves the challenge of building an experience brand based in traditional industry.

“I’ve always believed that if you are good at something, you should use your talents to help other people. I believe that my talents lie in creating unique client and customer experiences, especially in traditional industry. It is amazing, the experience you can create when you take a moment to step back and look through the eyes of your customer. It is the basis for how we create inspired moments and attempt to evaluate infinite detail. As wealth managers, our sole responsibility is to help people to live more of the life they want to, when they want to. We focus on the defining moments that matter in people’s lives and help them to experience more of them. To be more in them, and we honor the ones that do.”

After graduating with his honors degree in finance and marketing Grant entered the financial services industry in 2005. Since then he has been recognized as a top performing Financial Planner and Portfolio Manager by not only his own firm but other independent organizations including “The Carson Group” an international Wealth Management Organization based out of Omaha Nebraska and “Wealth Professional” where he was voted the top advisor in Canada under the age of 40. Grant is regularly featured in the media on CJOB, Winnipeg’s largest talk radio station, The Globe and Mail and Wealth Professional Magazine where he is asked his opinion on economic events, innovative leadership and financial planning strategy.

Grant is a proud member of the community and when he is not at the office, he and his wife Sam lend a great deal of time to local organizations which are close to their heart. Grant is passionate about creating opportunities to help people to live better lives and does through working as a member of the fundraising cabinet for the United Way of Winnipeg and also The “Endeavour Rising Tide” endowment fund which creates memorable moments for people living with terminal illnesses. Outside of the office Grant enjoys new experiences with his daughter, Jayelle, reading (especially biographies) and being active. He is very passionate about travel adventures, getting out on the rink with friends and getting out into the woods or back country for some hiking.