Estate Planning

Estate planning is about your wishes for your loved ones and those you care about most.  Ensuring that your wealth goes where you intend it to go is part of a holistic financial plan.  Whether it’s your family or a favored organization charity or not-for-profit, Endeavour is here to help you ensure your wishes are met. We strive to give you peace of mind through our commitment in helping you build a highly personalized estate plan.


In order to maximize your potential wealth transfer, we focus on minimizing taxes and other potential costs. With the guidance of experienced professionals, we work to assess the following:

  • Do your current estate documents reflect your wishes, and how can we ensure they continue to as your life changes?

  • How can we best protect your assets from creditors?

  • How do you wish to transfer your assets? Is it important they remain in your family?

  • Do you require assistance in putting together a medical directive and/or power of attorney?

  • Do you wish to leave a financial donation to a charity, and what can we do today to maximize your future donation?

  • Are your loved ones prepared for the administrative burden of serving as an executor or does it make sense to utilize a professional trustee?


**Insurance is offered through Hollis Insurance

Tax Planning

Taxes are the single biggest expense over your lifetime. We treat tax planning as a crucial part of your financial plan because tax affects all aspects of your financial life. 

In Canada’s fast changing tax environment, it’s important to partner with experienced tax professionals.  Our CPAs can work directly with your Accountant to review your recent personal or business tax returns, and identify potential savings.

Benefits you gain from our tax planning service include:

  • Evaluating your business structure to optimize earnings

  • Understanding the tax consequences related to your individual income and investments

  • Maximizing your retirement plan savings under current tax law