Quarterly Market Update


2020 Quarter 1

Investment Update

Coming off the end of 2019 investors had just experienced a very positive year with many experiencing double digit returns.  Unfortunately, COVID 19 has reared its ugly head and caused complete havoc with global markets and with the global economy.


2019 Quarter 2

Investment Update

It was an eventful 2nd quarter to the year coming off one of the best first quarters in recent memory.  We went from trade optimism to trade pessimism and then back again a few times. 


2020 Quarter 2

Investment Update

Whereas the first quarter of 2020 was devastating to global markets, the theme of the 2nd quarter has been recovery, even though the underlying economic situation has actually deteriorated in that time. Most clients will have recouped almost all of their losses on the year.


2019 Quarter 3

Investment Update

After an eventful 2nd quarter, the 3rd quarter was even more eventful. The daily updates on the trade war seem to shift the sentiment of the market on a dime.

Endeavour Wealth Q3.jpeg

2020 Quarter 3

Investment Update

Learn about our recent investment picks. In our latest episode, Investment Advisor, Brandt Butt and Portfolio Manager, Craig White with Endeavour Wealth Management at iA Securities discussed some favourite picks as well as current market conditions.


2019 Quarter 4

Investment Update

The 4th quarter fed off of the same stories that have shaped markets all year, namely the trade war, and geopolitical concerns.  The good news is that many of these issues turned more positive in the 4th quarter.